Antonela Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife, reacted to Shakira’s message against Piqué

Shakira surprised her followers by publishing a heartfelt and profound message, which for the Spanish press is addressed to Gerard Piqué and his unexpected breakup, lAfter he cheated on her with Clara Chía, his current girlfriend.

In the text, in Spanish and English, The Colombian singer reflects on betrayal, heartbreak and contempt. “Although our wounds continue to be open in this new year, time has the hands of a surgeon,” he began writing.

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Then he added: “Even if someone has betrayed us, we must continue to trust. In the face of contempt, continue to value yourself. Because there are more good people than indecent. More empathic people than indolent ”.

And he finished off his surprising message by saying: “There are fewer who leave and more who remain by our side. Our tears are not wasted, they water the ground where the future will be born and make us more human. so that in the midst of heartbreak you can continue to love.

These words were shared by the Barranquilla woman on January 1, a few days away from packing her bags and leaving for the United States with her two children.

Messi’s wife reacted to Shakira’s message against Piqué

For a long time, the tabloid press has always pointed out that Antonela Roccuzzo, the wife of Lionel Messi, and Shakira are rivals, but some of Argentina’s actions have hinted at something else.

Roccuzzo follows the artist on Instagramand on several occasions he has “liked” his publications and has even commented on others.

Recently, The wife of “La pulga” reacted to the heartbreaking message that the singer shared, and she did so by sending her three hearts.

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Instagram screenshot @shakira
Instagram screenshot @shakira

But Antonela was not the only acquaintance who supported Shakira in some way. So did the paparazzi Jordi Martin who wrote: “That rat did a lot of damage”and Fanny Lu, Diva Jessurum, Melissa Martínez, her cousin Valerie Domínguez, Carla Giraldo, and many more.