Antonella Rocuzzo shows her support for Shakira and makes it clear that there is no enmity

For years there has been talk of a supposed enmity between Shakira and Antonella Rocuzzo, and it is that they have been seen together very little, despite the fact that who was the Colombian’s partner, Piqué, and the husband of the Spanish, Messi, were great friends.

Apparently, They were not the best friends because Antonella was a friend of Nuria Tomás, the ex with whom Piqué ended to start a relationship with Shakira.

According to media reports, this is the reason why Antonella and Shakira have never gotten along, and even the Colombian did not attend her wedding with Messiwhere other celebrities and wives of players were.

There are few photos of them together, in fact, the only ones date back to 2019, when they met to celebrate Barcelona’s title in the Spanish League.

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Antonella Rocuzzo supports Shakira and proves that there should be no envy among women

Shakira is not going through an easy time, as she is experiencing the separation from Piqué, after an infidelity, the illness of her father, who is in poor health after a fall, and in addition, she must face the Spanish justice for tax fraud.

This has the singer very affected, but she tries to get ahead for her two sons Sasha and Milan, who are his greatest strength.

In fact, this Monday, He posted a photo of himself hugging his children and wrote “purest love” making it clear that they are his greatest strength right now.

Antonella Rocuzzo set an example by showing her support for Shakira

In the image, many reacted showing their support for the Colombian, and one of them was Antonella Rocuzzo, who commented on the publication with two faces with heart eyes.

Thus, the Spanish model made it clear that he does not feel any rancor or envy towards Shakira, and, on the contrary, supports her in these hard times she is going through.

“I love your solidarity… Excellent attitude!!! 👏”, ​​“what a beautiful support between women 👏👏❤️🙌🔥 united we are stronger”, “thank you Antonella for supporting our Shaki, you are an exemplary woman”, and “you are a queen and you set an example with your actions”, were some of the reactions to Antonella’s comment.

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Furthermore, in other publications Shakira about her father, also leaves emoticons of hearts, showing her that she is with her right now, and wants her well-being.

Surely it is clear that among women we should always support each other, and not destroy each other, because together we are stronger.