Anuel AA and his girlfriend Yailin presented the new member of their family

The couple lives their romance in an extraordinary way, day by day they share the love so great that they feel and, of course, how in love they are then, although they have been dating for a short timethey have let us see that for them time does not define the affection and the experiences they have had together.

It is no secret to anyone that It has been the most controversial relationship of the year and, therefore, the most compared, something that has obviously annoyed the singers who have had to respond to criticism on more than one occasion.

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Above all, tired of being compared to the Dominican with the Colombian, Carol G. ex-girlfriend of the Puerto Rican and, even if they don’t want to, the relationship they currently have is very similar to the one they had in their past: luxurious gifts, trips, cars, roses and stuffed animals galore, but above all a tattoo involved.

Let’s remember that Anuel has or had, we do not know, two tattoos dedicated to the Colombian, one with her name “Carolina” and the other that covers his entire back, which is a photo of both. Well, heor more recently is that the Puerto Rican has also tattooed the name of Yailinthe real “Georgina” what she has given so that the comparisons continue and do not end.

Now, the couple has introduced their first ‘child’, a new member of the family who has not only fallen in love with them but with their followers as well. The family is growing and they formalize the situation more and more, they just need to finally say YES at the altar, after getting engaged within weeks of making their relationship official on social media.

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It has been the Dominican who has shown her new ‘son’ with Anuel on her social networks: it is about a pomeranian puppy that, without a doubt, moved his fans.

The video is accompanied by a short but very special text where she welcomes her new baby “Welcome to the family”. Of course, the couple’s followers assure that it could be a gift that her partner, Anuel, has given her so that they can plan what they would be like as parents, don’t you think?

The truth is that as time goes by, Anuel gets tired of the hints and the bad comments, although it seems that with this detail he wanted to forget all the bad things, since he recently decided to let off steam and allegedly have thrown a hint at his ex-girlfriend, who showed up at the Coachella festival and performed alongside Karol G the recent song ‘Maimi’which many say could be a hint for Anuel.

“I laugh. And that they say that presumably I am the one who is stuck in the past… We are no longer in the times of before, I am not the one who is dedicating songs after so long. Release me in a band that has me without balls, ”commented the singer in his stories.

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Many quickly related that letter to the presentation of Karol G, where with feeling he asked his followers to let off steam and sing his song out loud, especially the piece that would be dedicated to him: “I see you on the networks, I can’t believe it, what a pity for you… Two-legged rat, Paquita said, a creeping animal. That eats everything that crosses, devil you are a hide “.

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