Anuel AA and Yailin leak their wedding video, she gets married in jeans, a lycra top and they criticize her

Anuel AA and Yailin are officially husband and wife, leak video of their weddingshe is getting married in jeans and lycra top and they criticize herWell, they say that everything was so fast that not even the wedding dress was enough for them, they simply ignore the criticism and enjoy their love on another level.

It was at the beginning of 2022 when Anuel AA confirmed his romance with the dancer and singer from the Dominican Republic, Jorge Guillermo Diazbetter known as yailin. This about half a year after ending her famous romance with the famous “bichota”, Karol G.

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For many things were rushed and after what Karol G and Anuel AA lived, many doubted that the relationship would work, but time has shown that their love is very serious and today they confirm to the world that they are husband and wife.

With a video that has been leaked to networks where a judge declares the couple husband and wife, it is confirmed that the relationship is very serious and that it was not an act of publicity as many believed, but it also turned the couple into target of criticism for the informality with which they were presented.

For their wedding, Anuel AA wore black pants, a black t-shirt, a gold chain, sunglasses and a hat, while yailin She wore jeans and a pound top that highlighted her curves, as well as discreet makeup and her hair in a bun.

Days before the couple had taken a break after the series of presentations that Anuel AA He has performed throughout Latin America, where Yailin has also accompanied him.

Friends of the couple accompanied them to celebrate the wedding with a simple party, where they danced and greatly enjoyed their first hours as husband and wife, causing some followers of Anuel AA to assure that it was the person and not the time that determined the moment when a couple took the next step.

Anuel AA and Yailin, in love and turning a deaf ear to criticism

Since they made it known that they were a couple, Yailin and Anuel AA have been heavily criticized. The displays of affection with expensive gifts, Yailin’s physique, the comments they have made about Karol G and more, have made some followers of Anuel AA doubt Yailin’s intentions, but they have shown that their love is real.

By sharing details of your wedding, Anuel AA assured that everything was in the hands of God while Yailin was excited to finally be the singer’s wife.

For now, many hope that later the religious wedding will take place where the couple would spare no expense.

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