Anuel AA gave an 11 thousand dollar dog to Yailin La Más Viral

Anuel AA reawakened controversy over the use he gives his money and the luxuries he gives himself in life. In this case, the Puerto Rican musician decided to entertain Yailin La Más Viral with an expensive gift for his birthday.

The interpreter of “Adicto” surprised his wife with a pet. So it was that Anuel AA “enlarged” the family with a new member, a puppy. The most striking thing is how much he paid for it: 11 thousand dollars, according to information provided by People en Español magazine.

It was Yailin herself who showed off her new “baby” on social media for her millions of followers. “Look at the devil. That dog Emma (Anuel) bought it for me,” she said. Later, the Dominican detailed the price of her new pet while she caressed her.

The truth is that as always, the attitude of the couple and what they do with their lives was a reason for questioning. On this occasion, many of her followers disagreed with the amount of money that was spent on this gift.

“How sad it is to see the arrogance of some people when there are so many children dying of hunger”, “That money would have been given to street children”, “That money would have been invested to help so many sick children who cannot afford their medications”, were some of the comments.

Another of the proposals that celebrities received was: “So many puppies that are up for adoption and they waste money there.”