Anuel AA sends a harsh message to Karol G

Apparently, there are still things to be resolved between Karol G and Anuel AA, the two Latin artists who for three years starred in one of the most beloved couples of the urban genre.

Although the rapper is already happy and on another page with Yailin La Más Viral, the truth is that in the last few hours he surprised by dedicating a harsh message on Instagram through hints to his ex, the Colombian.

“I laugh, and then they say that I am the one who is stuck in the past. We are no longer in the times of before, I am not the one who is dedicating songs after so long, let me go in band that without balls I It has. And it is the only reaction of mine that they will have, “wrote Anuel AA in his Instagram stories with white letters and a red background.

He added: “Think whatever you want to think and whatever they’re making you think. If only people only knew.” “There you have news for the whole week,” she concluded.

Everything indicates that the interpreter of “Adicto” was upset by the rumors that began a few weeks ago and that indicate that the recent song “Se jodioto” by La Bichota is dedicated to him and the breakup they experienced.