Anuel AA’s ex-partner accuses him of using his son to advertise himself | Famous

anuel aa He would be using his firstborn, 9-year-old Pablo Anuel, as an advertising strategy, and pretending to be a good father to take care of his image, said Astrid Cuevas, the singer’s ex-partner.

The boy’s mother had already accused Anuel AA before the authorities of being an absent father, after Yailin’s now husband requested joint custody of their firstborn, reported the Puerto Rican television program ‘I know everything’, at the beginning of this year.

Now, Astrid attacked the interpreter of ‘If I die’, accusing him that, despite saying that he is very close to his son, he does not frequent him.

“But what a bad habit to use a child for marketing. How can a man with so much power and money not see his son constantly? How is it possible that a guy who goes around the world in a private jet can’t stop in (Puerto Rico) to see your son?” Pablo’s mother questioned in her Instagram stories.

Astrid Cuevas pointed out that Anuel AA would be double-faced and that by continuing to play the “victim” and not fulfilling the promises she makes to her son, she could expose him.

“Oh look, take off your mask or I’ll take it from you… Say things as they are, take off the role of victim and have the word of a man that that’s what you lack,” the woman said on Thursday, December 8.

The singer assured at the end of November 2022 that they would celebrate their 30th anniversary together, which did not happen, according to Cuevas’ claim.

Anuel AA about to become a father with Yailin: what does Pablo think of his new sister?

On November 21, 2022, Anuel AA and his wife Yailin La Más Viral confirmed that they are expecting their first child together. That same day they announced through their social networks that the singer is pregnant with a girl and she will bear the name of Cataleya.

After breaking the news that he will be a father again, some of his fans questioned him if his eldest son was already aware and if he was ready to be a stepbrother. Anuel cleared up the doubts and shared what the only male thinks of him.

“Pablis” already knows that he is going to have a little sister,” wrote the Puerto Rican on a photograph of the minor.

It is worth mentioning that this year it was revealed that Pablo would already have a stepsister. The baby was born last June and is named Gianella Gazmey, who bears the last name of Anuel.

Melissa Valecilla, the girl’s mother and Anuel’s presumed ex-partner, revealed that she will soon ask Astrid Cuevas for Pablo to meet her presumed half-sister.

To date, the Puerto Rican has not spoken publicly about the creature, but last March an investigation by El Gordo and La Flaca revealed that he asked the baby’s mother for a paternity test. The test was positive in 99.9%.