Anuel and Yailin La Más Viral clarify why they banned wigs from their shows | Famous

In early May, Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA caused controversy by ban the use of colored wigs during their concerts.

After speculation that his decision was related to the ex-girlfriend of the rapper, Karol G, whose hair color is blue, the famous finally explained the reason.

“So that she make her concerts comfortable and no clown comes to do a clowning,” Anuel said during an interview with Santiago Macías, alias Alofoke, published on June 6.

Yailin La Más Viral will not stand people who want to hurt her

For her part, the Dominican singer asserted that the ban is a response to people who show up at her concerts with the sole intention of harming her.

“Of course, because I don’t care about colors, but only that there are some people who are going to hurt you,” she said.

The interpreter of ‘Dictadura’ made it clear that his work team has orders not to allow people wearing colored wigs to enter his future concerts in the United States.

“We have a work team, a security team […] Everyone takes care of logistics. Simple, you know, the panas are active, we are not going to let anyone come as a clown, to want to come and do a clown, “she sentenced.

Yailin’s fan denounced that she was removed from one of her shows

Although the couple maintains that their decision is to defend themselves from those who seek to harm them, the “influencer” who was banned from Yailin’s concert on May 7 for wearing a blue wig, claimed to be her fan.

“They just took me out of Marbella Lounge because of my wig, I went as a fan to see Yailin and they told me that I couldn’t be there, that I had to leave,” he said in a video published by the Instagram account Rechismes .

“Because Miss Yailin said that she was not going to sing if there was a woman with a wig of this color, that is, blue. I say, I do not know if I am representing Karol G. I pay with my money, I am going to see her as a fan and I they took out for my wig… It’s unbelievable,” he added.

The ‘influencer’ has not been the only one whom the logistics team of the interpreter of ‘If you are looking for me’ takes out of a show, on May 9 in the broadcast of El Gordo y La Flaca she made herself known to another person who suffered the same.

“I want to know, that they explain to me, if there are laws so that Miss [Yailin] have the right to send people out like this, as if they were animals,” he said.