Anuel was reminded of Karol G in concert with Yailin

At only 19 years old, the Dominican has had to face harsh comments about her private and professional life and it is that, above all, his young age has been a pillar for criticism to reach him day by day. So much so that even He had to clarify that he was 19 and no more, as many entertainment portals claim.

The Dominican, who has more than 4 million followers on her Instagram profile, spoke about her age and asked that her years not be increased.

“Oh, stop comparing what he says is 21, he is… I am 19, I am not even 20 years old yet. Who is 21, 20, 22, no. I don’t even get to 20. Are you 19? Yes. When do you turn 20? I have my birthday in July, on July 4, ”the artist clarified on her social networks through a live broadcast.

The singer recently released a song with her fiancé, the reggaeton player Anuel AA called ‘If you are looking for me’, same that was quite criticized for its lyrics and above all compared, as fans claimed that while the Puerto Rican was with Carol Ghis songs were more romantic with her, not like the recent one he released with the Dominican.

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And the couple It is still the most talked about in the show, which is why, as there are people who support their relationship, there are also those who totally reject it. Something that they showed in Anuel’s recent presentation where the public showed all their discontent with Yailin’s presence.

Now the couple returns to the controversy after the famous ice thrown by Anuel to a DJ and the live ended by Yailin every time they talked about Karol G.

The new episode took place in Las Vegas, during the Vibra Urbana festival where the Puerto Rican had his presentation; and it is that minutes before the singer came out on stage, the DJ of the moment played one of Yailin’s songs to liven up the time and to give clues who was approaching the stage.

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However, people reacted in a way that no one expected. neither the DJ, nor Anuel and of course, neither did Yailin, because they began to boo the Dominican and shouting for one of Karol G’s songs.

Given the rudeness of the attendees, nearby sources and the public present, they assured that Anuel refused to go out at first, however, the musician decided to go out and give his show ignoring the screams, the same that later became a single word “bebecita”, which is the name or nickname he used to refer to the Colombian.

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Immediately on social networks Yailin’s defenders came out, who assured that it is already a stage that people must overcome, Well, both Anuel and Karol have done it, although it is no secret to anyone that they continue to throw some hints at each other in their recent songs.

Nevertheless, neither Anuel nor Yailin spoke before the embarrassing act that the Dominican experienced and they preferred, on the contrary, to ignore the bad shouting and the public that refused to listen to the singer’s fiancée.

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