Anxiety attacks, weight gain… Nabilla confides in her complicated end of pregnancy!

A few weeks before her birth, Nabilla is still so close to her fans. The latter in whom she does not fail to confide in each time something does not go well in her life. This is precisely the case during this end of pregnancy which seems to be an eternity for her. As we could see in the last photos that the exhausting Thomas Vergara shared on social networks, the starlet has gained a lot of weight. Which is completely normal given that she has very little time left before her second child is finally born.

Nabilla at worst

Nabilla had kept this second pregnancy a secret until she could no longer hide her baby bump. She had therefore very rarely confided in the first months when she carried her child in her womb. Internet users have however been able to learn that the first twelve weeks of her pregnancy had been a real ordeal. She was constantly nauseous and vomiting all the time. These last five weeks would this time be the scene of several embarrassing symptoms, namely back pain, anxiety attacks and of course, a relatively significant weight gain.

It is obvious that Nabilla is impatiently awaiting the birth of her child, that his ordeal finally ends. From our side, we can only wish her good luck because giving birth is the most wonderful experience a woman can have. Fortunately, she can also count on her fans to support her.