Apio Quijano lost his virginity to María José: “An age of great sexuality”

María José and Apio Quijano had an affair in their teens (Photo: Instagram)
María José and Apio Quijano had an affair in their teens (Photo: Instagram)

Since the 1990s, María José caught the attention of the public for her powerful vocal range that made her stand out from the group kabahwith which he became known singing songs like the street of the sirens Y An illusion.

To date and after her departure from the group promoted by producer Luis de Llano, the singer has positioned herself as one of the best female voices in Mexicoadding thousands of fans to his career, however few know of a romantic passage in his personal life.

And it is that the interpreter of I am not a Mrs surprised with a strong revelation because he confessed that “he took away the virginity” of his partner Héctor Celery quijanowhen both belonged to the pop group also made up of Federica -Apio’s sister-, Daniela Magún, René Ortiz and Sergio O’Farrill.

The singer has developed a successful solo career (Photo: @kabah_oficial, @lajosa/Instagram)
The singer has developed a successful solo career (Photo: @kabah_oficial, @lajosa/Instagram)

With Celery I walked like a month… We were both young, we were at an age of great sexuality, we were between 17 and 21 years old, the full age at which you want to kiss each other, make out, go on a rampage and you have your brothers there and Suddenly one day your brother (makes the sound of a thunderous kiss) ”, the 46-year-old host began to talk to Yordi Rosado on her talk show.

“It was very curious, really. I think we were all in a moment of exploration and like ‘so what, so what’, which seems wonderful to me…(I had already had boyfriends before), but with those boyfriends there were no such questions. In fact it was so, it was ‘hey, see I’ve been thinking about what I want my first time to be with you And then, I said, come on, listen to him!”, recalled the interpreter of I prefer to be your lover.

Although the sentimental relationship was brief, María José remembers the anecdote with tenderness, and also emphasizes that both realized that “he was not going that way.”

Kabah was driven by the academy "Concepts"owned by Luis de Llano Macedo (Photo: Instagram/@Kabah_oficial)
Kabah was promoted by the “Concepts” academy, owned by Luis de Llano Macedo (Photo: Instagram/@Kabah_oficial)

it was very nice because actually we even preparedIt was a scouting roll. We love each other deeply and everything, but later he and I realized that it wasn’t that way. And besides, he loved him, I love him, I love you all and that’s how it was and we said come on. We walked for a little while, it didn’t last long, but it was full of love and tenderness.Above all, more than passion, a lot of tenderness… and Celery is ultra-handsome right now, what’s up,” concluded María José with a laugh.

On the other hand, in mid-April this 2022 the five members who have been in the group for 30 years got on the scorpion at the wheel to talk about his upcoming return to the stage. During the talk, Alex Montiel could not help but question them about how his relationship with María José is currently after he decided not to rejoin the group and continue working on his career as a soloist.

Currently Apio Quijano continues in Kabah and participates in the reality show "I'm famous, get me out of here!"
Currently Apio Quijano continues in Kabah and participates in the reality show “I’m famous, get me out of here!”

René Ortiz was the first to speak about it: “We got along very well with her, she left”. Celery Quijano was not far behind and mentioned: “We have a very cordial relationship with María José”. On a more serious note, Federica Quijano, who is currently part of the Chamber of Deputiesadded: “We love The Josait is also the best and we love that it is doing so well, that is, for me it is one of the best voices […] The bottom line is that we miss her a lot.”

To prove it, Daniela Magun proposed to speak by phone with her former partner and, after waiting a few minutes, she did not answer. At the end of the interview, the host of divine nets explained that María José could not answer because she was on a flight.


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