APL: the increased ceiling, here is all that will change for your portfolio

Who says 1er january says many changes. For example, the maximum resource cap to qualify for APL has been upgraded. And the least we can say is that it could concern many French people. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

APL, what is it exactly?

On January 3, 1977, personalized housing assistance (APL) was created. This aims to facilitate access to housing or staying at home for people on low incomes. It covers part of the rent for tenants or reimbursement of a fraction a loan contracted for an old dwelling occupied as a principal residence. The right to APL is granted for a single dwelling per recipient, that of the main residence.

Obviously, the APL is allocated under conditions of resources. It should be noted that all the income of the people living in the household is taken into account. Indeed, its amount is calculated according to the number of children and other dependents. But also the place of residence, the amount of rent and household resources over the last twelve months. Moreover, you should know that this aid is recalculated every three months. This allows you to fit perfectly with your situation.

The ceiling for this aid, raised

Since 1er January 2023, many are the changes that take place, and in particular for the purses of the French. And precisely, the minimum resource ceiling to obtain the APL, has changed. To put it simply, before, you had to receive a maximum of 4,575 euros per month to be a recipient of APL. Now it is 4949 euros. And that changes things. Especially for those who were above the old ceiling. As a result, the latter will go back below and will be able to collect APL when they could not claim it before.

Regarding the payment dates, it’s very simple too. Indeed, this year, the APL for the month of December will be paid on January 5, that of January on February 6, February on March 6, March on April 5, April on May 5, May on June 5. , from June on July 5, from July on August 4, from August on September 5, from September on October 5, October November 6, November on December 5 and December on January 5. There you go, now you know everything about it.

Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/apl-le-plafond-revalorise-voici-tout-ce-qui-ca-va-changer-pour-votre-portefeuille/