Apolline de Malherbe hilarious: this big slip from Gérard Larcher which disturbed her!

Good humor was in order this Thursday, January 5 in the show Face to face, broadcast on BFMTV. Apolline de Malherbe received Gérard Larcher and despite the topics discussed, the President of the Senate was able to make the journalist smile and even to destabilize her after having made a funny slip. While the 42-year-old host addressed the issue of French morale at the start of 2023, Jacques Chirac’s former Minister Delegate for Employment explained that “the French are extremely worried” and that he “Give them some hope”.

The 73-year-old politician then continued: “It will make you smile, but I have carefully read King Charles VII’s Christmas greetings.” Apolline de Malherbe then cut it off, recalling that it was Charles V. “But finally it’s already not bad”she added, before thinking for a split second and to clarify with a laugh: “Or even Charles III. I lost myself there!” recovering very quickly, the journalist then prompted his guest to continue his analysis.

Charles III’s speech approved

“The English are going through a huge period of difficulty and I think it is one of the roles of the President of the Republic and of political leaders to trace paths of hope, confided Gérard Larcher. Apolline de Malherbe then asked her guest to confirm that he had indeed compared the wishes of King Charles III and those of the French head of state, Emmanuel Macron. Nodding without saying so, the member of the Republicans clarified: “Across the Channel, the Head of State gave a message of hope and I expect a message of hope also for our country.”

Pointing out that “the monarchy does not have quite the same role (that Emmanuel Macron, Editor’s note), Apolline de Malherbe promised her guest to read Charles III’s text after he advised her to do so. During the show, the president of the senate was also alarmed about the health crisis, explaining that “the emergency situation was almost unbearable”. More serious moments a few days before the launch of certain reforms, including those of pensions, of the Government.

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