April Benayoum will celebrate her 23 on the day of the Miss World pageant!

You who do not believe in coincidences will be amazed by what is preparing for the Miss World pageant. April Benayoum who will represent France because of Diane Leyre’s far too busy job will indeed celebrate her birthday on the day of the competition.

The Miss France 2022 contest saw the crowning of Diane Leyre, who had been launched as a favorite since the start of the competition. The particularly busy schedule that awaits her throughout her term of office does not allow her to participate in the Miss World contest. As a result, it is her first runner-up who has been appointed by the committee to represent France for this year 2022. April Benayoum also says she is ready for this event and she is right. Moreover, a very special occasion is being prepared behind the scenes of the competition.

April Benayoum is confident

Recently interviewed on this subject by our colleagues from Télé Star, April Benayoum had not been stingy with confidences. The 23-year-old had indeed shown how motivated she was to fulfill her first mission as a beauty queen. She is already very excited and for good reason, she will celebrate her birthday on the day of the competition. For those who want to believe it, this is already a sign that could show that luck is on your side for this time. Anyway, that’s all we hope for.

Historically, no Miss France has won the Miss World pageant since Denise Perrier in 1953. April Benayoum could in this sense be the first to lift this crown for more than 60 years. Anyway, that’s all we want.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/247202-april-benayoum-fetera-ses-23-le-jour-du-concours-de-miss-monde