Aracely Arámbula, a man who loves her heart, will have to share it

The mother of the two sons males of Luis Miguelprotagonist of the famous soap opera “La Madrastra” and one of the most beautiful women in the show business Mexican, Aracely Arámbula is a proud single person, but she does not deny the loveonly that the man who wants it, will have to accept a condition.

After the relationship loving that he supported with the “Sol de México” and that left him two beautiful children, the famoustoday she is a proud mother singlebut, that could change very soon, well, she confessed that she has a suitor who sends her flowers and cupcakes.

In a recent interview for the program, Sit Who Can!, the famous actress from TV soapsmade that confession, but also made it clear that the man who wants his heart must share it with his two handsome children and their seven dogs.

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Whoever wants to have my heart has to share it not only with my children, but also with my seven puppies that are on top of me all day,” said Aracely Arámbula.

According to the actress, despite the fact that in the past she has not been successful with her love relationships and that she is now a mother, she is not against finding a partner, a partner from whom she receives support, company, but, above all, much love.

I also do not want to be denied love, because I talk about it with my children and I tell them tomorrow you are going to go to a school to study or abroad, or you are going to be with your friends. And I tell you, I do not want to stay here alone, although I am not here alone, I am accompanied by my puppies, ”she confessed.

Aracely Arámbula herself admitted that she is a single mother, something that has come to be criticized, especially in Latin culture, but now she applauds all the effort made by millions of women who have to work and support themselves. home to their children.

And especially here in Latin America. All my respect and admiration to all the women we work with, who are aware of all the doctor’s check-ups on the order of the day, may they be well. It is our daily bread”, he mentioned.

Regarding the flower arrangements and cakes that they gave her, the famous confessed that they were details that came to her, for which she admitted that for her it is beautiful to have love, well, it is something very beautiful. Although she also said that her children ask her, well, they are “jealous.”

Mom, if you have a boyfriend, he won’t come here to live at home, right? Now whoever wants to have my heart has to share it not only with my children, ”she reiterated, the protagonist of“ La Madrastra ”.

In addition, the actress was encouraged to talk that her children are admirers of her work, because the two youngsters have seen the soap opera in which their mother is the protagonist, for which she has already received comments about it from her parents. sons.

It gave me a lot of emotion because I was watching a scene from my novel (La Madrastra) and my son turns around and says: “Mom, what a good actress you are”, that is the best award in life and in the world,” he said.

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