Aracely Arámbula boasts a perfect figure in mini interiors

The protagonist of the new version of “La Madrastra”, Aracely Árambula, has Surprised to his loyal fans with a video short in which the famous left nothing to the imagination and posing in front of the full-length mirror, she showed off her attractive hips and her worked abdomen flat.

to their 47 years old, the former partner of Sol de México, Luis Miguel, She is still one of the most attractive women and beautiful of the entertainment world in Mexico. Since his participation indreamers”, More than 20 years ago, the actress made it clear that she has one of the most favored figures in show business.

Despite the passing of the years and the fact that Araceli she is the mother of two little ones malesthe actress shows that she has a genetics unique and very flattering, in addition to his constant and evident work in the gym and his life healthywhich help you keep all those beautiful attributes in place.

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In this short video that caused a sensation among her fans, Aracely appears wearing only two mini underwear, revealing her wonderful and slim silhouette, because her abdomen is flatter and more worked than ever, while she also shows that she has great and toned hips.

In addition, the actress showed off her long and toned legs with these mini garments, making it clear that from head to toe she is a monument to a woman, because she surprised her followers a lot by letting herself be seen like this, from the privacy of her bathroom.

The famous woman’s good sense of humor is striking, because, although her body and figure shine in all their splendor in this short video, on her face, you can see two large purple eyes, which she put on with the help of a fun filter, playing in front of the mirror.

In this way, the mother of Miguel and Daniel Gallego Árambula, continues to fall in love and steal the breath of her more than six million followers on Instagram with her daring outfits, as is the case with this beautiful coordination of two mini garments.

In this way, the actress makes it more than clear that she is still a diva of the Mexican show business, possessing impressive beauty and a heart-stopping body, with which she shows how much she seeks and cares for herself.

Aracely Arambula, It is also a sample of the strong and empowered women of this new era, because, in addition to being beautiful, she has also proven to be a hard worker, giving everything to her two small children, who are her biggest priority and the men in her life.

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