Aracely Arámbula celebrates her “daughter” with an emotional video

Aracely Arámbula had a more than special gesture with Danna Paola to whom would you dedicate a video in which they appear together to celebrate a very special moment for the also actress of “Elite“.

It would be the “TV actress“, Aracely Arámbula, who recently joined the special celebration for Danna Paola’s birthday, who turns 27 this Thursday, June 23.

The interpreter of children’s novels such as “Atrév3te a soñar”, among many others, is wearing long tablecloths for her recent birthday and was Aracely Arambula one of those who dedicated a special congratulations through their Instagram stories.

Aracely Arambula He took up one of the memories in which they both appear together and turned it into a video that he accompanied with a photo in which the two celebrities appear together.

In the header there is a legend in large letters that reads “Happy Birthday” which precedes an emotional photo where the actresses and singers are very affectionate with a warm hug.

Apparently, “the chule“He feels deep affection for the young actress with whom he collaborated in one of Arámbula’s hits on Telemundo: “La Doña”, where he embodied the character of Altagracia Sandoval for two seasons.

Production that apparently will return to the small screen in its first season, announced in recent days the “Luis Miguel’s ex“, who shared the great news with his 6.2 million followers of the platform.

In this story, Danna would play the daughter of the implacable “Grace Sandoval“, mother of “Mónica” for whom the character of Arámbula Jaques carries out an intense search.

Apparently the connection of both on the screen transcended to real life since on different occasions they have exchanged emotional messages hinting that in other of their participations they have come to be inspired by their respective characters, Danna as “Altagracia Sandoval” and it would also be On the contrary, I would confess the one born on March 6, 1975.

The foregoing, according to a couple of past stories that both would share from their social networks, which leaves no doubt of the great affection they share for each other, Aracely Arámbula Jaques, who is the mother of two children in real life, product of her past relationship with the “Sol de México”.

He sees in Danna Paola a false daughter to whom he has shown his affection as he has done on this occasion when the date did not go unnoticed and he decided to send a beautiful congratulations to the interpreter of “Sodio”.

The “ojiverde” who returns to the small screen with other projects such as the series “La Rebelión de las Esposas”, and “La Madrastra”, a new adaptation of Televisa, which she will lead together with Andrés Palacios.

In addition to other figures among whom the name of Gabriel Soto circulates, with whom he has also shared the stage in the play “Why do men love girls?”

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