“Aracely Arámbula is perfect for ‘La Madrastra'”

Starring in the telenovela La madrastra will inevitably bring comparisons to Aracely Arambula, since this character has been played by two queens of the genre: Angélica Aragón and Victoria Ruffo. However, Carmen Armendáriz, producer of this remake, affirms that La Chule perfectly meets the requirements to embody the selfless woman who, 20 years after being imprisoned, returns to recover the love of her children.

He prefers not to turn to criticism, but rather to focus on offering the public a quality product that they enjoy from start to finish. The also creator of You remember me tells us all about this new adventure.

What challenge does it mean to bring the story of The Stepmother to the screen once again? We know that it has been told several times, but it is a great script. In addition, it is precisely what is now fashionable: a thriller with touches of melodrama; It’s perfect for these times. I found a team of writers with whom we understood each other very well, led by Gaby Ortigoza, who has already written novels and also studied film, that’s why he has another way of writing. We are going to surprise the public with these 50 chapters.

Will it have the essence of the original story or do you resort to modern touches? By force it must have modern and different touches, because if not, how do we tell a story in 2022? It has to bring the public closer to the contemporary and what is happening in our present.

How did you find Aracely Arámbula to be the protagonist? Televisa executives spoke to me to tell me that they were in talks with her to return to the company, and that they were looking for a project for her. They asked me how she saw her in La madrastra; I answered that she was perfect because she has the age, the experience; she is a very beautiful woman and she was going to work very well for us.

Now that you are recording, what does it bring to the project? He makes a very good couple with Andrés Palacios; They were already friends, they had not worked together, but there was a cordial relationship. That helps a lot on set.

Will the thriller carry more weight than the romance or will it be balanced? It has to be balanced, but I also have a bit of comedy with Lalo España and Ricardo Fastlicht, so people will cry, suffer, love and laugh.

What aspects of the 2005 version do you take back? Basically the concept of The Stepmother: a woman who returns to look for her children and see what happens to the love she still feels for her former husband.

Did you witness the fury of Live a little in the 80s? Of course! It is a very good story; It is not in vain that it is being resumed in streaming and on the different platforms. The creators have realized that thriller melodrama works if told well.