Archie is 3 years old: why doesn’t he have a royal title, unlike George, Charlotte and Louis?

Archie, the son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, celebrates his third birthday this Friday, May 6. Unlike Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the little boy was not entitled to a royal title.

The little boy has grown up. Three years ago, Meghan Markle gave birth to her first child with Prince Harry. A little boy named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who grew up far from British protocol and who did not inherit a royal title at birth. When Lilibet’s big brother pointed his nose, his parents refused that he inherit the title of prince, so that he could lead the most normal existence possible.

Not to mention that when their son was born, Harry and Meghan firmly refused to allow him to bear the title of Earl of Dumbarton. In American slang, the word “dumb” means “idiot”. The Montecito exiles feared their baby boy would be bullied because of that word. “It wasn’t just Meghan who pointed out the potential pitfalls of this wordit also bothered Harry“, said a source close to the couple at Telegram. Here is the official version.

A rule that dates back to King George V

But a year after their move to the United States, Meghan Markle provided a completely different explanation for Oprah Winfrey. After revealing all that she blames for the British monarchy, the former actress of the series Suits claimed that her son’s skin color would have been an issue. Worse still, this would be the reason for the absence of a royal title for Archie. But the truth is far from being so controversial. Archie, is not deprived of an official title because of his skin color or by vendetta on the part of the royal family.

No, the little boy, just like his sister Lilibet, does not have a royal title because of a rule put in place by King George V. Alone”the Sovereign’s children [Anne, Andrew, Edward et Charles, ndlr], the children of the sons of the Sovereign and all children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales [George, Charlotte et Louis] may be given the title of prince or princess”, explained an expert on the monarchy several months ago. It will therefore be necessary waiting for prince charles to become king so Archie can get a royal title. End of the mystery!