ARCHIVE PHOTOS of the couple still in love

It’s time for the celebration of love for Elodie Gossuin, who took advantage of Instagram and old photos found in her archives to share the happiness she saw with her husband Bertrand. The former beauty queen recognizes that the passage of time is not necessarily flattering, but she is having fun with it.

Why wait for a birthday to celebrate love? At the start of the year, Elodie Gossuin wanted to rummage through his archives and share pretty pictures which are somewhat dated. Indeed, this Thursday, January 19, 2023, the old miss France turned radio host paid tribute to the years spent alongside Bertrand Lacherie, her husband. And the time that passes, she sees it and feels it. But with humor.

Elodie Gossuin and her private life: happiness with Bertrand, her model husband

Elodie Gossuin seems to spin the perfect love with her dear and tender husband, Bertrand Lacherie, ex-model spotted on the show Operation seduction in the Caribbean. Married since 2006the two lovebirds therefore shared many moments together, in particular the birth of their twins, Jules and Rose born on December 21, 2007 and Léonard and Joséphine, born on October 9, 2013.

On Instagram, the beautiful blonde likes to share her daily life full of love, with images with her children and her husband for whom she always sends a sweet little word. On Thursday, December 29, she had also made a beautiful declaration of love to her husband on the occasion of their 18 years of love. “Ending 2022 where 18 years ago, we were just the two of us… And coming back with our 4 wonders. My love. You’re the chance of my life, every second by your side is worth years Bertrand Lacherie”, she wrote, adding: I want to grow old by your side.”

This Thursday, January 19, Elodie Gossuin came out of old files. Nice shots of her and her husband, younger and with a different look, posing on the beachall while exchanging a sweet kiss. There, you feel that we took 20 years in the face. But still in Hou mode, the liar, she is in love”, wrote the 42-year-old mum in the caption. And as always, she didn’t hesitate to add hashtags to show her love for her husband “forever, lovestory, my friend”… Internet users seem to have been charmed by these archive photos. “You are both superb”, “I think you are just as beautiful now”, “You are downright more beautiful now lovers ! Like good wine, it gets better with age!”can we read.

Elodie Gossuin mom: behind the scenes of her daily life

A child is already not easy. So two sets of twins, let’s not talk about it. And Elodie Gossuin has no trouble admitting it. And she very often shares her dismay in the face of situations that she finds it difficult to manage. “I don’t know how you do it because it’s 8:15 p.m., I’ve just sent my children to the shower now, we haven’t eaten, there’s school tomorrow, I specify, it’s Thursday evening and it’s hell”she shared in a video on TikTok.

I say it because I never do: I’m on average two or three nervous breakdowns per week, which is quite reasonable I think, and I get lots of messages telling me ‘yeah how do you always have a smile it’s super cool how you manage'”, she added, just to reassure many mothers who saw her as a “super woman