ARD changes its program – the reason makes you sad

ARD suddenly changes its program – the reason makes you sad

NATO Secretary General: Putin made a big mistake

NATO Secretary General: Putin made a big mistake

According to NATO Secretary General, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a “big mistake” when he started the war against Ukraine.

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The spectators of ARD will be surprised on Monday evening, because what was actually announced will not be shown. The broadcaster had to reschedule at short notice.

The reason for the spontaneous program change in the ARD is sad and almost brings tears.

ARD suddenly changes its program – the reason moves to tears

According to the broadcaster, a nature documentary will not be shown on Monday at prime time at 8:15 p.m. as planned. Instead, there is another “focal point” after the “Tagesschau”. At 8.30 p.m., ARD then relies on an emotional report.

ARD report “Journey home to war”: Man leaves family for the war

The film by William Dubas and János Kereszt is called “Journey Home to War”. It shows the Ukrainian Volodymyr Skvortsov from Nordenham on the Lower Weser. The 36-year-old has lived in Germany for 16 years and now has family here. But the images of the Ukraine war leave him no peace. Skvortsov decides to leave his wife and children to travel to Ukraine. There he wants to help, in the worst case even fight.

The pictures that ARD shows in the report go to the heart. Volodymyr Skvortsov encounters refugees at the border, visits his native town and finds nothing in his homeland as he remembers it. In the case of “Homeward Journey to War”, the ARD speaks of a “reportage about life decisions in times of war.”


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The moment when the Ukrainian hugs his wife for a few minutes at the border with Poland after eight days is particularly emotional. Only to go back to war afterwards. (jhe)

“Journey Home to War” comes out on Monday, March 29th. at 8.30 p.m. on ARD.

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