ARD viewers annoyed by “Polizeiruf 110”! “What the fuck?”

ARD viewers annoyed by “Polizeiruf 110” – “What’s that shit about?”

05/15/2022 at 21:37

Tatort: ​​These are the most well-known investigative teams

Tatort: ​​These are the most well-known investigative teams

The crime series “Tatort” has been delighting German TV viewers for decades. On Sundays at 8:15 p.m., different teams of inspectors solve murder cases on ARD. 22 investigative teams are currently investigating in 20 German cities, as well as in Vienna and Zurich. We introduce you to the most famous current line-ups.

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The story sounded promising, the thriller itself was only partially so…

On Sunday evening the ARD decided once again to pause the “crime scene” and instead showed the new “Police call 110 – The light that the dead see” from the Bavarian capital Munich.

And the story – it sounded really promising. In the fifth “Police call 110“ by Commissioner Elisabeth ‘Bessi’ Eyckhoff, the body of a 16-year-old girl – wrapped in plastic foil – is discovered in a Munich park. Ironically, the mother of the dead girl is in the new ARD– Crime to the prime suspect.

ARD shows “Polizeiruf 110”: Opinions differ

Sounds good, and is rated as such by various critics. “Worth seeing, emotionally dense crime thriller”, writes, for example, the “Spiegel”. And the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” praises: “Tight in dialogue, strong in exploring faces and settings, director Filippos Tsitos also makes Eyckhoff’s fifth appearance at the police station an event.”

However, the new case of Elisabeth Eyckhoff was less well received by the fans on Twitter. Too boring, many ARD viewers complain. “What’s the shit,” asks a Twitter user, for example. Another writes: “I was gone for five minutes. Did I miss something? No? I thought so.” And a third added: “Boring, irrelevant characters, confusing story, bad pictures.”


This is the ARD “Polizeiruf 110”:

  • “Polizeiruf 110” is a German-language crime film series that has been in production since 1971
  • It was produced on GDR television as a counterpart to the West German “Tatort”.
  • After reunification, the television series established itself in the German television landscape
  • There was no fixed team of investigators in the episodes produced by GDR television – the criminalists were put together randomly and without a template
  • Investigative teams were only integrated after reunification


Well, as the saying goes: You can never please everyone. This probably also applies to the traditional crime thriller on Sunday evenings.


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Shortly before the broadcast of “Polizeiruf 110” the ARD announced this change. You can read what the ARD has changed here.