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the clan of Kardashians-Jenner, one of the most famous American families on the planet, gave something to talk about once again, and although many would think that it would be due to the announcement of a new brand or some revelation on their reality show Keep Up With the Kardashians, things are not going that way, as it turns out that a Twitter thread announced that the kardashians they founded a church and oddly enough, they don’t exactly attend it.

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She was the matriarch Chris Jenner, who in 2009 co-founded the California Community Churchwhich was originally known as Life Change Church, is located in Agoura Hills, California.

However, the family has made public that they go to a Christian church in Hillsong, in Los Angeles.

How does the California Community Church of the Kardashians work?

In order to attend this religious enclosure and to be part of their community, it is necessary to pay a fee of one thousand dollars per month and each member must commit to giving a tithe of 10 percent of their income.

The church has programs that help children and adolescents who are in vulnerable situations.

One of the services offered at the Web page of the congregation is the “Donation”there they offer five ways in which people can give their money: online, through the app, in person, by mail and also through text messages.

“The purpose of tithing—giving God a percentage of our income—is to teach us to always put God first in our lives,” is one of the phrases used to receive rewards.

What draws the attention of the Community Church of California is the way in which they encourage church attendees to constantly donate part of their income, because with verses from the Bible and mentions of God, which seem to manipulate the faith of believers. in exchange for always having gifts.

“When you get to the place where you believe God is wise and you believe God is trustworthy, you naturally want to give back to him. When you’re ready, we encourage you to start giving faithfully and watch what he does in and through your life. You won’t be disappointed”

Possible tax evasion

The great theme with the church created by Chris Jenneris that it could serve as a way to evade taxes from all the businesses that each of the daughters has, for example, Kendall Jenner, has her brand of tequila; khloe kardashianhas a brand of jeans; Kylie Jenner, a makeup brand; kim kardashian, also has a line of lingerie and sportswear; while kourtney kardashianhas created a food supplement business.

In 2011, Kim gave an interview where she said that she donated millions of dollars to her family’s church annually, in fact, the figure was approximately between five and eight million dollars.

Although it cannot be confirmed that the kardashians use your church to do tax fraud, knowing that in USA churches are not required to pay local, state or federal taxes.

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According to Nicki Switf, the momager of the kardashians, used the church as a beneficiary of his charity auctions on eBay. As indicated on the tax documents of the Charitable Giving Fund of PayPal. The institution of the faith would have received $19,975 in 2012 and $44,917 in 2013.