“Are we not good here ?” : Anthony Delon shares an unpublished video with his father, Alain

Anthony Delon shared an unpublished video on his Instagram account this Friday, April 22. On this one, he appears in the company of his father, Alain Delon.

A true sacred monster of French cinema, Alain Delon marked an entire generation. Much appreciated by his audience, he is also close to his children and in particular his son, Anthony Delon. His passion for comedy, he did not hesitate to pass it on to him and it is quite logical that he also embarked on a career as an actor. Today, Alain Delon is much less on the front of the stage but his fans can count on Anthony Delon to give him news. This Friday, April 22, he shared a video on his Instagram account. On this one, you can see him with his father. Both are installed on a bench outside, in a forest. “We are not well there, say…“, he simply wrote. A father-son moment which seems to have pleased the main concerned who display a big smile on their lips. In the comments, Internet users wished a good recovery to Alain Delon and also affirmed their joy to see him again.

Relations between Alain and Anthony Delon have not always been simple, as revealed by the actor in his book Between dog and wolf. Guest of the Culture Media program, presented by Philippe Vandel on Europe 1 today, he did not hesitate to confide in his youth, which was not easy. “When you were a child, there was a tic that annoyed your father. Instead of raising the fork to the mouth, you lowered the mouth to the fork. Your father, it exasperated him”, first explained Philippe Vandel before adding: “One day, there is a lunch, he gives you a soap. The lunch is over, your father comes back up to your room with a big leather whip in his hand. It’s Zorro’s leather whip, the movie he was shooting, and he kicks you“. For his part, Anthony Delon clarified: “Again, I explain in the book, speaking of his mother and this abandonment, that it was not he who was speaking, it was the child inside of him, who was in pain, who spoke at that moment”. A discovery which, as he claims, allowed him to “to forgive” to his father.

Alain Delon: what accident was he the victim of?

In August 2019, Alain Delon was stroke victim. An accident that he had agreed to discuss in July 2021. The opportunity for him to discuss his commitment to euthanasia. “I think that’s the most logical thing. And the most natural! From a certain age, from a certain moment, we have the right to choose to get the hell out of it quietly, without going through hospitals, injections or things“, he had let go. Since then, the actor has kept away from the media and he takes care of himself and his health. “He wears like a charm, recently claimed his son, Anthony Delon. Very reassuring news.


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