Are you in danger? Tania Rincón reveals why she was hospitalized and had an emergency operation

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Mexico City.- This Monday morning, the driver Tania Rincon shocked by revealing that he had health problems for which he had to undergo a surgery emergency to avoid future complications.

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the star of Televisa used your account Instagram to share a photo from the program’s forum Todaywhere he explained his entire medical situation and offered some details of what happened to him.

In his message, he explained that he underwent an operation to remove the matrix after presenting some problems in his menstrual periodin addition to a myoma that I had for a long time.

I’m going to tell you that on Friday they operated on me, they did a hysterectomy (that is, they removed the matrix). It already came with themes and a fibroid, so it was the best. From my experience, I can share with you that when you have bleeding very abundant we understand that it is not normal and that we have to go to the doctor,” he wrote.

She added that although she no longer wanted to have more children, it was difficult for her to make the decision to have surgery because she considers herself an active person who cannot spend a lot of time doing nothing.

“But hey, here I am taking things slowly and with much gratitude,” she wrote before thanking her husband. Daniel Perez for caring for her during her speedy recovery.

Although Tania Rincón did not delve further into the subject, she continued with her thanks to family and friends, who “with their visits, laughter, flowers, messages, shells make this easier for me.”

Finally, she asked her followers not to worry about her if the next few days “see her slow”, since all her surgery is still very recent.

Source: TV Notes and El Heraldo