“Are you serious or what?”: Joko Winterscheidt is made fun of by ProSieben

So much for useless knowledge: In the latest edition of “Who is stealing the show from me?” media multi-talent Riccardo Simonetti and actress Anke Engelke showed that they can be real nerds. But only one of the two celebrities could really use his useless knowledge.

“Fatter than Mark, I trust you with the rest.” The latest edition of Joko Winterscheidt’s “Who is stealing the show?” actually starts a week ago. Because what Winterscheidt wants from his production team during the rehearsal is nothing less than to trump the moderation appearance of singer Mark Forster in the previous episode. And that shouldn’t be that easy.

Because Forster delivered really great entertainment last Tuesday. The self-confessed fan of the third division football club 1. FC Kaiserslautern treated himself to a spectacular show when he had a stadium backdrop arranged in the studio – with everything that goes with it, including ultras, pyro and fan chants. Forster himself walked into the studio wrapped in an FCK flag and presented the spectators with the DFB Cup, which Kaiserslautern once won.

However, Forster then lost the show to Joko Winterscheidt and so the actual presenter of the show was now allowed to ask his production team for a spectacular entry and, as we already know, it was close but ambitious: “fatter than Mark.”

Of course, one can argue about what exactly is meant by “fatter”, but the production company uses their chance to have a little fun and at the same time keep the show costs low.

Joko Winterscheidt: “Are you serious or what?”

Because even if Winterscheidt is a die-hard fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach, this time there was no competition as to who could do the best football run-in. Instead, an employee ignites table fireworks. Ready.

“Are you serious or what? But there’s more to come, isn’t it? You stupid pigs,” Winterscheidt wonders and senses another coup: “Quite briefly, the internal question: That’s it now?” No it wasn’t. But not much happens anymore, because an employee throws a firecracker at Winterscheidt’s feet.

A successful idea that also saves money – a win-win situation for ProSieben. However, there would have been no need for an outbidding competition when entering the competition, because Tuesday evening’s edition was humorous enough. Not least because two celebrities from the “Who’s stealing the show?” team surpassed themselves in a nerd knowledge quiz round, but more on that in a moment.

First of all, everything starts as usual: A wildcard candidate joins the fixed rate team again. This time it’s the 26-year-old author and activist Phenix, who not only wants to steal the show from Winterscheidt, but also arrives with a special physical condition.

As the young woman explains, she has one more bone on each foot than other people. Otherwise the show starts as usual: eight different games, three prize levels, after each prize level the candidate with the fewest points has to leave.

Why Riccardo Simonetti almost flew to the moon

Right from the start, things went quite well for the wildcard candidate, because in the game “The Lazy Five” she was the only one to know when she asked the first question of the evening that a handball game lasted 60 minutes.

But that was it with success and the celebrity candidates passed the Berliner in the next few minutes – some even with a small bonus prize. Because when it comes to a question about snow chains, Winterscheidt gets advice from a man in the audience who happens to be a bus driver for 1. FC Kaiserslautern.

“You’re the bus driver from 1. FC Kaiserslautern? Can I take a selfie?” asks Mark Forster in disbelief, but then immediately gets his trophy. But Forster doesn’t know the right answer and because the next rounds don’t go optimally for the singer either, he flies out in second place after wildcard candidate Phenix. Bad luck for him, but at least he gets to see two highlights of the evening live.

Firstly, the story of Riccardo Simonetti: “I almost flew to the moon,” says the entertainer. He once applied to a “moon flight project” and was quite successful. Actually.

Because after he had already passed various tests, he had to make a decision. But because you had to commit yourself for three years, he finally turned it down. But that wasn’t the only thing that surprised Simonetti that evening.

Riccardo Simonetti and the moment of his life

Because in the game “If you don’t become a nerd, you become a nerd”, the candidates have to offer how many answers they know in various nerd knowledge categories such as jungle show candidates, Pokemon or Formula 1 winners.

If you bid more than the others, you can play your specialty and get a point if you know all the answers offered. And right from the first lap, Simonetti flexed his muscles. He offers 29 answers and must therefore now name 29 characters from the series “Sex and the City”.

And he makes it. With first and last name. And role names. Since Joko Winterscheidt’s mouth is open, there is an ovation from the audience. That could be the moment I’ve been preparing for all my life,” explains Simonetti, adding one more thing: “I could have gone on until 40.” That’s why it’s so remarkable, because Winterscheidt explains: “There’s only 43.”

An amazing achievement that Anke Engelke almost equals. Because when it’s her turn, she counts 28 public transport stations on line 16 from south to north in Cologne without any major problems. Also respectable, but useless knowledge – unless you’re a contestant on “Who’s stealing the show?”

But it’s Engelke’s evening anyway, because Simonetti also has to say goodbye early, so Engelke has to play against Joko Winterscheidt in the final – and wins. Accordingly, it will be interesting to see whether Engelke’s enema will be “fatter than Mark” in the coming week. He will certainly be fatter than Joko.

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