Arelys Henao’s mother, very different from the one in the novel; she told lies for her daughter

Arelys Henao’s mother was played in the telenovela ‘I sing to not cry’ by an actress who seemed almost the same age as the woman who played the role of the singer.

Nevertheless, in ‘La red’ it was shown that the proximity of ages was not such, what took more than one viewer out of doubt.

Arelys Henao and her mother / 'The network'.
Arelys Henao and her mother / ‘The network’.

The entertainment program brought them together for a note related to Mother’s Day, which is why they both remembered anecdotes from years ago.

This is how Arelys herself recounted that once she invited her parents to see her sing and everything ended in tears.

“On the third song they kicked me out of the place, around 10 at night. I took my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day and I came home crying.” commented.

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“I had to tell lies”: mother of Arelys Henao

Meanwhile, María Ruiz reported that when her daughter went to rehearse, something with which her father did not agree, she had to cover it with invented excuses.

“When the father came and asked: ‘Where is that street girl?’ I told her: ‘She is doing some homework’. I had to tell lies,” the woman acknowledged.

In addition, he clarified that in his family he was never hungry and that when there was no meat “it was time to eat lentils with French fries”, a dish that today is one of Arelys’ favorites: “We liked that recipe.”

On video, the anecdote of Arelys Henao’s mother (from minute 1:02):