Argentine journalist reveals what would have been the whereabouts of Larry Ramos, Ninel Conde’s partner

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Mexico City.- The Argentine journalist Maximilian Lumbiathrough an interview revealed that allegedly Larry Ramosformer of Ninel Counthe would already be dead because he would have suffered a treason.

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It was through his intervention in the Jorge Carbajal program, where the Argentine argued that he had already ceased to exist after escaping from the authorities of USA.

I received unofficial information that Mr. Larry Ramos would no longer be alive. That he would not only be on the run, but he would not be on the earthly plane,” he argued.

There is talk that in the middle of his escape he would have been the victim of a deception by someone who would help him, however, this is still being handled as unofficial.

Apparently that hypothesis is being handled, that he could have been… betrayed in the flight and no longer be alive, “he added.

These are trusted people, who would have made other decisions at the time of helping him, to the point of disappearing him.

Apparently, during his flight, he could have been betrayed by people he trusted who told him ‘I’m going to help you escape’ and those same people who were supposed to help him… could have made him disappear,” he said.

Finally, Lumbia asked the authorities of the United States and Mexico to investigate his whereabouts, because he made threats to “sink” other people if they were to go to jail.

It seems to me that this speech did not play in his favor at the time of the flight,” he concluded.

Source: TV Notes