Ariadne Díaz’s son would inherit her artistic talent and debut in a Televisa soap opera?

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Mexico City.- The son of Ariadne Diaz would have inherited his mother’s talent in the arts of entertainment, a fact that he recently revealed in a new novel by Televisa?

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Ariadne Díaz is an actress who started working at a young age in Saint Angelcollaborating in melodramas such as Full of love, the gale woman, the color of passion, the unloved and will soon star in the production of Rosy Ocampo, overcome the absencewhere you will share cameras with Mayrin Villanueva, Alexis Ayala Y Nailea Norvind.

It turns out that last Wednesday, May 11, was the birthday of your little one sonwho celebrated his sixth anniversary of life and, far from asking a clown to entertain him during his partyhe chose to give his own show in front of his guests.

It turns out that the little one proved to have a great talent to do magic tricks, like changing colors scarvesamong other things, but did he actually do it?

Ariadne Díaz’s son ‘doing’ magic tricks

The truth is that no, it was a magician who was behind the little boy, who was doing all the magic tricks, but this did not prevent Diaz’s followers from melting with love for the little boy and declaring that he had inherited the gifts his mother’s artistic shows because yes, he did not do the tricks, despite his young age, he chose to come forward to entertain his guests.

Sources: Instagram @ariadne_diaz