Ariana Grande delights with her return to music after being told that she had abandoned him

the american Ariana Grande is a multifaceted artist who succeeds in the various career paths he has taken. She began as a child and youth actress and gradually established herself in this medium, but she also had training as a singer and ventured into this field to find indisputable success.

Without forgetting that she is also a businesswoman and owner of a brand of beauty products that has triumphed as one of the favourites, REM Beauty, she usually balances her time between singing and acting; However, she has not released a new album or song for a long time and her fans came to claim her.

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In essence, because they long for him to reappear in music, since he has a beautiful and privileged voice. Well, at the moment, the 29-year-old is working on a film project, but that does not mean that she has given up music and responded to the criticism in the best way, with a clip in which delight with his talent.

Ariana Grande responds to who says she no longer sings

Ariana Grande published a clip on networks in which she delights her fans by singing an iconic melody, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow‘, which we recognize well in popular culture in the voice of Judy Garland and is also a tribute.

Critics wrote to him ‘¿¿why are you no longer a singer? and she then responded with this clip. She said: “[Estoy] literally on set shooting two movie musicals all day every day.” And he also added, “I wanted to sing something, but I don’t want to sing anything other than ‘Ozian’ right now. I’ll stick with my little bubble for now. Made with a lot of love.”

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Everything is related, since Judy Garland’s melody is the one she sings in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the film classic. wicked it is a book that is loosely based on the characters of that other text. It was later adapted into a musical and now it will come to the cinema with Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo in the leading roles. So if you are filming these tapes, hence the reference.

Ariana Grande, singing and Wicked

The story will be divided into two parts and the first is expected to premiere in December 2024. Before getting fully involved in the project, Ariana Grande worked as one of the coaches on the reality show The Voicein United States.

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Surprised with the news of the role of glinda in Wicked and even changed her hair to platinum, to match the character’s look. Of course, this means that she goes from rehearsal to rehearsal, so that’s why they told her that she has returned to acting.

In this case, rather Ariana Grande combines the best of two worlds, act and sing, with a musical tape. Of course, instead of explaining, he silenced criticism and claims with all the professionalism and charm.

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