Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie is married

Ariana Grande
Brother Frankie is married

Frankie (right) and Hale Grande got married on May 4th.

Frankie (right) and Hale Grande got married on May 4th.

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Frankie Grande got married. Singer Ariana Grande’s brother shared the first wedding pictures on Instagram.

Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie Grande (39) is a married man. At Instagram the actor, singer and YouTuber has shared wedding pictures with partner Hale Leon and revealed that the couple said yes on May 4th. “May I introduce: Mr. & Mr. Grande! Surprise! We got married at a small, intimate, galactic ceremony at my family home in Florida,” he writes about the photos, which feature special “Star Wars” guests and a projected starry sky you can see. Grande also announces that a wedding ball with all of the couple’s friends is planned in the coming months.

Ariana Grande Wishes “Lifelong Happiness”

Sister Ariana Grande (28) congratulated the newly married couple in an Instagram story. “Frankie and Hale, two wonderful and destined souls. I love you so much and wish you happiness and health throughout your life,” she wrote alongside a picture of the wedding, before addressing words to her brother-in-law. “Hale, I adore you. You are the best complement to all of our lives. Thank you for your love for him. That was all I ever wanted for him.”

In June 2021, the engagement of the two became known. The couple met in a dance bar in 2019. Grande labeled it in an interview with “People” as “love at first dance”.