Ariane Séguillon, cash on cosmetic surgery and injections … “It’s annoying”, she reveals if she gave in

Did Ariane Séguillon give in to the sirens of the scalpel? The actress of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us” replied without filter (and slightly angry)…

Ariane Seguillon has had enough of constant remarks about his physique and the lack of decency of certain Internet users on social networks. When the actress posted a photo in Instagram story on which she appeared plumped lipsmany people have believed in an intervention of plastic surgery. But the 49-year-old actress, a bit angry, wanted to set the record straight, in an Instagram story: “Good evening everyone, just to show you that my lips are completely normal. And the video I made where I’m outside, it’s a filter that makes me have big lips like that. You are all getting excited. No, I didn’t get my lips done. Well, they are completely normal. I kiss you“. And let go: “Damn, it’s boring to have to justify everything“. The message has certainly got through…

Ariane Séguillon: her fight against bulimia

The actress is all the more pissed off at the remarks about her physique that she has gone through a period of bulimia for many years. A fight that she evokes in her book The big, published in 2022 by Flammarion editions. On the occasion of the release of her book, Ariane Séguillon had made heavy confidences about this difficult period of her life, with TV Star : “My brother’s death in 2018 was also an electric shock. I realized that I was killing myself. When you eat 6 baguettes in a row, 5 camemberts, you can have a heart attack. I went very, very far in my delusions, emptying fridges where there was nothing left. I ate anything. Mustard everything. Bulimia is an addiction“.

Ariane Séguillon suffered from obesity: “The chair broke under my weight”

In addition, the actress, mother of Dorian, a 27-year-old young man and member of the Ofenbach group, has long suffered fromobesity. “When we weigh more than 100 kilos, we suffer. The tendons in my ankles couldn’t take it. We are forced to gain momentum to get up in the morning. Once, in front of people, the chair broke under my weight. It’s a terrible humiliation“, had explained the interpreter of Christelle Moreno in the series of TF1 Tomorrow Belongs To Usbefore specifying:I came across an extraordinary shrink who categorically forbade me to have surgery before treating my bulimia“.