Aries and Co.: These 4 zodiac signs are best suited to Aquarius

Updated on 01/27/2023 at 5:04 p.m

  • Aquarius is known as a rebel among the zodiac signs.
  • When dealing with people, however, he is loving, helpful and very lovable.
  • These zodiac signs are best suited to Aquarius.

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Hardly any sign of the zodiac is as multifaceted as Aquarius. This can be an advantage when looking for the right partner. The zodiac sign is known for being very sociable and often putting friends first. In addition, Aquarians are inquisitive, creative and often have original ideas. However, they are also known as a rebellious zodiac sign and chaotic, often appearing cool and distant.

The trait of being particularly sociable and imaginative may convince some to consider dating an Aquarius. These zodiac signs are a particularly good match for the faithful Aquarius.

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Loving Chaos: Aries

In a relationship it becomes passionate, because the Aries already brings that with them as a characteristic. What both have in common: They have their own characteristics and therefore give each other their freedom. However, Aries have a very impulsive personality.

However, due to the acceptance and ingenuity of Aquarius, this should not pose a problem. Both zodiac signs can bring chaotic personalities, but complement each other well and can live together harmoniously.

Perfect for Aquarians: Libra

Libras need a lot of harmony and you can always count on them among friends – they have that in common with Aquarians. A deep friendship can quickly develop between the two signs of the zodiac. Both approach the next level with caution, because they have great respect for serious relationships. While Libras often struggle to make decisions, Aquarians strive for self-actualization.

However, one can have a positive impact on the other. The two zodiac signs mutually give each other self-confidence and strength through their weaknesses. If feelings then arise, it’s a “perfect match”.

Freedom-loving: Sagittarius

Even in a relationship with Sagittarius, hardly anything can go wrong. Like him, Aquarius is a freedom-loving zodiac sign. Sagittarians are known for their optimism and intelligence.

Coupled with the visionary thinking of Aquarius, there is hardly anything standing in the way of a happy and harmonious relationship.

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Endless Conversations: The Twin

Partnerships usually work well between the tolerant, creative and very open Gemini and Aquarius. Both zodiac signs love the company of other people, give each other their freedom and do not restrict each other. With the twin, it doesn’t get boring either. Both zodiac signs are known for their passion for adventure and spontaneity. Even the twin doesn’t say no to a spontaneous rafting trip.

Thanks to the creativity of Gemini and the curiosity of Aquarius, both can complement and inspire each other wonderfully in a partnership.
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