Armando Araiza explodes against Hugo Sánchez: “Great disappointment”

Armando Araiza is very direct in the comments he makes on his social networks and this time he did not hold back when expressing his opinion of Hugo Sánchez, who has just released a television program in which he interviews soccer stars.

Araiza wrote on his Twitter account two opinions that are often recurring regarding the five-time Pichichi winner as the best scorer in Spain.

“What a petulant and self-centered person,” said Araiza, which generated an avalanche of comments, some in favor but others in a critical tone.

“It was not Argentine or Portuguese because then it would be something else,” wrote one of the users. “Hugo is a world star. That is the personality that made him succeed. The same one that Maradona had, the same one that Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more have,” wrote another of the tweeters.

In effect, the Mexican soccer player has always had the opinion that his ego overshadows his achievements as a soccer player, among which are not only the scoring championships but also a Golden Boot for Best Soccer Player in Europe and five Spanish championships with the Real Madrid.

In one of his first interviews for his program, Hugo Sánchez interviewed the current Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, who felt uncomfortable when the Mexican insinuated that his goal quota had improved because Cristinao Ronaldo left Madrid.

Armando Araiza closed his comment on twitter with a forceful phrase addressed to Hugo Sánchez Márquez: “Great Disappointment”.

Armando Araiza, who reached one of the pinnacles of his acting career with his performance as “El Chato” in the telenovela “Quinceañera” and who has focused on theater and film for 10 years, currently has a production company and, as He has said it himself, he has 31 years of sobriety.