Arnold Schwarzenegger: Appeal to Vladimir Putin

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Appeal to Vladimir Putin

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers an emotional message to Russians.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers an emotional message to Russians.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger commented on the Ukraine war in a clip and appealed to Vladimir Putin: “You can end this war.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger (74) has himself in a nine-minute video message commented on the Ukraine war. The actor and ex-California governor addresses the people of Russia and the soldiers who are currently fighting for the country in the Ukraine war. “There are things going on in the world that have been kept from you, terrible things that you should know about.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal history with Russia

Before he talks about these realities, however, he wants to talk about the Russian “who became my hero”. Schwarzenegger describes an encounter with weightlifter Yuri Vlasov (1935-2021), whom he adored even as a young boy and who inspired him to lift weights, explains the former bodybuilder.

Subsequent trips to Russia for his bodybuilding and films would have further strengthened his association with the country. The 74-year-old recalls that the film “Red Heat” (1988), in which Schwarzenegger had a role, was the first US film to receive filming permission for Red Square in Moscow. All of this shows that he has “nothing but affection and respect” for the Russians.

“The Truth About the War in Ukraine”

That’s why he wants to tell them “the truth about the war in Ukraine.” He speaks with “the same concern” with which he spoke to the Americans after the storming of the US Capitol in Washington on January 6th. “There are those moments that are so wrong that we have to raise our voices.”

The Russian government has explained to the population that the war is intended to “denazify” Ukraine. “That’s not true. Ukraine is a country with a Jewish president whose uncle was murdered by the Nazis in World War II,” emphasizes Schwarzenegger. Ukraine did not start this war. The war against Ukraine is also not the war of the Russian people, the powerful in the Kremlin started it, says the 74-year-old.

The “illegal” and “senseless” war with three million refugees who have already left Ukraine is a “humanitarian catastrophe,” explains Schwarzenegger, who supports his message with photos and videos of the attacks and destruction. The Russians are also not being told the truth about what the war means for their own country. Schwarzenegger addresses the killed soldiers and the sanctions against Russia.

Vladimir Putin could “end the war”

The Russian population and Russian soldiers in Ukraine should become aware of the propaganda and misinformation and “spread the truth” together with him, says Schwarzenegger. Then he appeals directly to Vladimir Putin: “You started this war, you are fighting this war, you can end this war.”

In the end, Schwarzenegger addressed the courageous people in the country who were openly protesting against the war and some of whom were arrested and imprisoned: “The world saw your courage. You have Yuri Vlasov’s strength. You are my new heroes.”