Arnold Schwarzenegger: Joseph Baena: Relationship with his father “took time”

Joseph Baena (24), the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger (74) and his former housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena (60), spoke more openly than ever about his relationship with his famous father. As a guest on the “Unwaxed” podcast of Sylvester Stallone’s (75) daughters Sistine (23) and Sophia (25), the 24-year-old says: “It took a while in my relationship with my father until we were really close to each other.”

That was because “I grew up with my mother, was always nervous and didn’t want him to think badly of me and say, ‘What the hell is that guy doing there? He’s just partying.'” Ever since However, an intimate father-son relationship developed between the two. “It’s great now. I’m so close to my dad and we joke about everything together.”

Not in his father’s shadow

Like his world-famous father, Joseph boasts a gym-toned physique. In another respect, however, he consciously chose a different path: “I never bore the Schwarzenegger name (…) and have never tried to change that. I do my own thing. (…) Besides, I already have a last name.”

In 1986 Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver (66), the niece of John F. Kennedy (1917-1963), with whom he has four children. The couple separated in 2011. Just days later, the star officially announced that she had been involved in a relationship with longtime domestic worker Mildred Patricia Baena, which resulted in Joseph Baena in 1997. Particularly delicate: While Baena was pregnant with the illegitimate child, Shriver was also expecting a son (Christopher Sargent Shriver) with Schwarzenegger.