Arrest warrant issued against actor Jerónimo Gil for shooting employees of a nightclub in Venezuela

After a video showing the Venezuelan actor went viral Jerome Gilknown for his participation in television productions such as “My cousin Ciela” and “Mi gorda bella”, shoot the employees of the Eco Caracas restaurant-disco, in Venezuela, the attorney general of that country, Tarek William Saabreported through Twitter that the 39th court of Caracas issued an arrest warrant against the leading man of soap operas, accused of the crimes of discharging a firearm in public places and illegal possession.

Gil was removed by the establishment’s staff after having inappropriate behavior with a woman, which caused the artist to get upset and board his vehicle, fired several shots in the direction of the place where people remained both inside and outside. .

Some media indicate that the event occurred on January 1 and that prior to the incident, the security of the premises asked Gil to leave the premises located in El Rosal, in the Venezuelan capital, but he refused.

Accompanied by expletives and in an apparent state of intoxication, during the clip, Gil was heard vociferating: “I spent $5,000 there!”

In a statement, Eco’s administrators rejected what happened and confirmed the version of Gil’s violent behavior with one of his visitors and a member of the security team.

“Today we denounce and reject the events that occurred on January 1 outside our facilities and we ratify our values ​​of respect and tolerance. After a lack of respect towards a woman and a physical attack on a member of our team, we felt obliged to ask the individual involved to leave the establishment, always respecting security protocols,” the text cites.

In 2012, Gil was also denounced for domestic violence by his ex-partner and mother of his children, the model Flavia Gleske, and in that same year, he was investigated for money laundering, in addition to facing a lawsuit for fraud in 2018, according to Efecto Cocuy. .