Arrest warrant issued against Don Omar in Bolivia for aggravated fraud – El Sol de México

The Puerto Rican singer Don Omar has an arrest warrant from the Bolivian prosecutor’s office, accused of “aggravated fraud” after having postponed two concerts in that country, and which according to his representatives was due to a problem with the flight that I would move it.

The complaint against the reggaeton player was filed by the Vice Minister of User and Consumer Defense and included five other people from the artist’s production and representation team, as well as manager Lennox Gabriel Pizarro and the brother of the singer Héctor Landron Ribera.

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The presentations of the Puerto Rican singer should have been held last Thursday in La Paz and yesterday in Santa Cruz, but they were postponed one day due to a mishap on the flight on which he would arrive from the United States.

Last Thursday before the canceled presentation in La Paz, Don Omar’s brother (William Omar Landron Ribera) offered a press conference and promised the singer’s arrival, even saying that he himself would stay as a “guarantee” that he would perform. the reggaeton. Last night he offered the concert that was rescheduled.

Shortly after the media meeting, the police arrested Héctor Landron and two other people associated with the organization, although they were later released. Don Omar announced on his social networks his arrival in La Paz, where he appeared last night.

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Finally, Don Omar has already rendered his statement to the authorities of the Special Force to Fight Crime and guaranteed the performance of the concert that will take place tonight in the city of Santa Cruz.

With information from EFE