Arthur and Mareva Galanter: the face of their daughter Manava finally revealed

In recent years and her meeting with Mareva Galanter, Arthur essebag learned to put family life before career, which was not the case for a long time. A dad of three but currently on vacation with two, the 55-year-old posted stories and real on Instagram which show the tender father that he is.

It is abroad that the host-producer has chosen to spend a few days between Christmas and New Year’s Day. According to his partner who published a photo of a mosque, the little blended family is enjoying a stay in the country of Oman, located between the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Samuel (24 years old), whose mother is Léa Vigny, does not seem to be part of the trip but Aaron (12 years old), born from the past relationship between Arthur and Caroline Nielsen and Manava (6 years old), daughter of Mareva Galanter, yes . And as we know Arthur’s three children may have been born to different mothers, they are all very close. Often they meet and strike a pose together.

During this stay in Oman, Aron and Manava have fun crossing each other while doing the cartwheels. A mini video published in story from Arthur’s Instagram account, as well as a photo of the duo ready for a swim (Manava is adorable in a pink swimsuit). But the moment which is able to melt the Web is when Manava makes a “photobomb” on a publication of his dad. In reality it is a kind of boomerang on which we see the little girl kissing her father. It’s cute, yes, but above all it’s revealing! Indeed, Manava, like all of Arthur’s children, is always, normally, immortalized from behind in order to preserve his identity. There, we see his profile and his fine features. A more than rare fact. She seems to be the perfect mix of her father and mother.

The only time Manava has been seen is when she lodged herself in a direct from her father during confinement. But be careful, she was turning her head and her daddy placed his hand judiciously in front of her face.