Arthur, secrets about his balanced couple with Mareva Galanter



This year, Arthur and Mareva Galanter celebrated their 10 years of love, between Paris and Tahiti.

For 10 years now, Arthur has shared the life of Mareva Galanter. A solid love story, which flourishes out of sight, and to which he returned when he was the guest of Julie Hantson (the wife of Pascal Obispo) in his show “Julie’s Encounters », aired on AirZen Radio on June 27.

When asked what their secret to longevity is, Arthur replies: “I don’t know, there is no secret. I think it’s love, I don’t know. The 56-year-old host and producer then adds: “Finding your alter ego is important. For a relationship to last, you have to be with someone who supports your flaws. I have a lot of it (…). I also support his people, you have to find your balance, ”he confides, while being surprised at the speed at which their 10 years of relationship have passed.

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From his relationship with the former Miss France, Arthur has a little girl named Manava, now 7 years old. He also has a first son named Samuel (25) and a second, Aaron (13), born from his past relationship with Danish model Caroline Nielsen. At the microphone of Julie Obispo, Jacques Essebag – his real name – explains that he wants to transmit “the flame” to his three children.

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“At the time we called it la niaque, which I had when I was hungry. Well, they’re not very hungry yet, but I’m very proud of them all the same. I always tell them: “Do you want to be a gardener? A baker? There is no problem, there is no sub-job, on the contrary. But if you are a gardener, you are the best gardener and you roses that no one has ever thought of”. I do not want to impose on my children what they are going to do later, but I want them to do it well and to be happy doing it”, commented this caring dad, who insists on the importance of desire and passion.