Artists ask to stop the Mayan Train

Dozens of famous celebrities joined the ‘#selvamedeltren’ campaign to raise their voices against the construction of the mayan trainafter it was revealed that there would be a change in the route, which would cause the world’s largest underground river system to be destroyed, that is why they beg the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stop its development.

And not only that, since the construction of the Mayan Train has already destroyed many areas of flora and fauna in the towns through which the rails for the railway were already built, for this reason several actors, singers and environmentalists have spoken out about it .

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Some of the personalities who participated in the campaign against the Mayan Train were Eugenio Derbez, Omar Chaparro, Kate del Castillo, Rubén Albarrán, Bárbara Mori, Natalia LafourcadeAna Claudia Talancón and Saúl Hernández.

Each of the celebrities took on the task of recording a couple of videos that are already circulating on digital platforms, where they explained in detail the irreversible impacts that would occur if they did not stop the Mayan Train before it was too late.

“The Mayan train is destroying the jungle, our natural heritage,” said Eugenio Derbez, while Natalia Lafourcade pointed out that “hundreds, thousands of trees have already been felled and there could be millions more. We are taking away their home from thousands of native species, taking away our own home.”

According to the statements of the artists, what they seek is to avoid the construction of section 5 of the Mayan Train, since mounting the tracks in that area “undermines the health of ecosystems and their biodiversity, the conservation of fauna ”, especially “of the aquifers that are fundamental for the tourist attraction and for nature”.

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For his part, Fernando Guadarrama sent a message to the Mexican president to ask him to stop the construction of the railway: “Listen to us, President, we are not your enemies. We are the ones who chose you, people of your own people and today we make ourselves present with respect and attention with a concern that requires your judgement, your good sense to solve it”.

In addition to the campaign that has gone viral on social networks, the ‘#selvame del tren’ even has a petition, in which it has already added more than 88,138 signatures thanks to the support of the organization Greenpeace Mexico , who has also dedicated himself to raising signs.

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