Artists Unite in Concert to Raise Fund for Chyno Miranda’s Recovery

A group of artists, including his former partner Nacho, came together to perform a concert to raise funds for the recovery of Chyno Miranda, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy as a result of covid-19.

Chyno’s manager, Julio Ducharme, published a statement in which he reported that the artists will offer a concert whose money will be donated to Chyno so that he can continue his treatment.

“It is no secret to anyone that our friend Chyno has been going through delicate moments of health. He has evolved and put more than 100% of himself into recovering him. However, today we ask you to accompany him on this path so that he can continue to pay for the expenses of the recovery process, ”says the document.

The artists that will perform at the concert are Jerry Di, Víctor Drija, Reggi el Auténtico, Marko, Jonathan Moly, Víctor Muñoz, Nelson Bustamante, Jorge L’Chacín, Maffio, Ronald Borjas, Mermelada Bunch, Cáceres, Sharlene, Beta Mejía, Richard Charm and Nangel Menez.

The event will be on June 8 in the city of Miami.

Chyno’s state of health is a question that his fans ask themselves because information has come out that the artist is delicate and on the other hand they assure the opposite, but without a direct relative or himself having confirmed anything.

In July 2020, Chyno Miranda was hit hard by covid, almost paralyzed.

The coronavirus caused him a peripheral neuropath for which he was paralyzed, affecting his speech, being able to walk and other functions of his body. He also suffered from encephalitis for which the doctors had to induce a coma.