“As a child, I sang in front of the mirror and I loved Vanessa Paradis and Elsa”

The actor and director releases his first album, Limoges Porcelain. And reveals to us everything that fed one of its most beautiful titles, firstfruitsan ode to the magic of the first times.

He made a record like one throws oneself into the water: with the audacity of those who love, whatever happens, the pungent scent of the first times. But he didn’t do it alone: ​​for his first album, Limoges Porcelain, Nicholas Maury appealed to the composer Olivier Marguerit, who had signed the music for his film, Boy Cloth (2020). Together they designed firstfruits, a title that sings of the vertigo of love at first sight, of the beginning of a feeling of love. A starting point from which unfold romantic violins and a voice that does not hesitate to gain height. A tone that, very young, Nicolas Maury made resonate in his room: “As a child, I sang in front of the mirror and I loved Vanessa Paradis and Elsa.

Nicholas Maury, Limoges Porcelain DR

first times

That’s when the release of Boy Cloth was stopped short by a confinement that Nicolas Maury, who we discovered in the series Ten percent , finally dared to realize his fantasy as a singer. He asks Olivier Marguerit to collaborate with him to write an album, like Serge Gainsbourg for his daughter Charlotte, or for Vanessa Paradis: “I found that two boys, it was perhaps less common”.

the movie theater is never very far from what inspired them, these large flat areas of strings that one would think came out of a chic melody of the New wave, to this story, sung by Nicolas Maury, of a meeting one summer evening. But also in this clip where we see the artist, on a TV set, take the plunge and sing in public for the first time. A great start to discover on tour from February, and on March 31 at the Café de la Danse, in Paris.

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