As a little devil, Marjorie de Sousa uncovers herself as Karely Ruiz

Marjorie deSousa captivates her followers again, because the actress has always been characterized by looking radiant wherever she goes, in addition to having a unique and varied style, that is why in each publication uploaded to her social networks she leaves her friends in love. fans.

This is how her imposing presence conquers those who follow her on her digital platforms, where she shares through her account Instagram unique styles that bring out her incredible figure, capable of dominating anyone, and this time she came with a Photography in which it shines as a little devil, and she uncovers herself as Karely Ruiz.

As a little devil, Marjorie de Sousa reveals herself as Karely Ruiz herself. Photo: Capture

Marjorie de Sousa is a television and film actress who has stood out for having played important characters, currently she has been seen very comfortable doing projects in Telemundo, recently participated in a program called “The house of the famous”, but even so, she always tries to be active in her social networks.

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He recently uploaded a publication with his son Matías, which was the result of a love that existed at the time with the actor Julian Gilsaid video generated endless reactions among netizens, in addition to many divided comments, because for years the child’s parental authority was being disputed, which the actress won.

It was then that the video was filled with comments among those who support the actress and mentioned that it filled them with tenderness, since the video is about the little boy singing a Christmas song with his mother; on the other hand, there are those who attacked and condemned the fact because Julián Gil has not been allowed to see his son for years.

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Marjorie deSousa She has stayed away from all those conflicts, she has only dedicated herself to her projects and her son, and of course to conquering her admirers through her social networks with those costumes that leave her followers speechless, as it is on this occasion that she appears as a little devil, and uncovers herself as Karely Ruiz.

As a little devil, Marjorie de Sousa reveals herself as Karely Ruiz herself.

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