As Queen Consort, Kate wants to clean up the Queen’s outdated rules

Being second in line to the British throne Prince William one day ascend the throne. Once the Duke of Cambridge is crowned king, so will his wife Kate be awarded the title “Queen Consort”. “Consort” in this context means the spouse of a reigning monarch in English, which could also be translated as “king’s wife”. Royal experts are sure that Kate could shake up the monarchy.

Dusty rules: What William and Kate want to change

In the Channel 5 documentary Kate: Our Queen in Waiting, the royal expert explains Katie Nicholthat Catherine will modernize the future of the royal family. Observers agree that Kate Middleton, who comes from a middle-class family, is the ideal future queen consort. “She brings a modern twist to the role while respecting all the traditions that come with being a future queen,” Nicholl said of the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Catherine is exactly what these turbulent royal times need – it’s no exaggeration that the future of the Windsors is in her hands,” said Patrick Jephson, Kate’s mother-in-law’s former chief of staff. Princess Dianarecently opposite Page Six.