As Tinker Bell, Katy Perry sparkles with fairy wings and lights; Orlando Bloom falls for her charms

As if taken from a Disney movie, the beautiful American singer, Katy Perry sparkles with fairy wings and lightswhile Orlando Bloom falls before its irresistible charms. Through her networks, the fiancé of the interpreter of Hot n ‘Cold shouted her love to the world with charm video.

Katy Perry She appeared in the video dancing while wearing beautiful and sparkling fairy wings with colored lights, which made her look like herself Tinker Bell or Tinkerbell from the movie DisneyPeter Pan.

“Magic Momma (Magical Mom),” wrote the handsome Lord of the Rings actor and father of Katy’s daughter, Orlando Bloom.

The comments of the followers of Orly, as the famous 37-year-old affectionately calls him, did not wait long, highlighting his great beauty and unparalleled charm.

“Literally an angel”, “rays, a very hot mom”, “That woman is beautiful”, “What a queen”, “Magical human being”, “Thank you for loving her so much”, “She is a Goddess”, were some of the comments made to him.

It was just a few days ago that the beautiful Katy Perry dazzled and stole eyes on the red carpet of the MET Gala 2022where she wore an impeccable design by Oscar de la Renta in tulle, lace, carrying a girl from outside supported only by a piece of cloth.

The incredible performer fireworks, darkhorse Y Roar caused a stir and immediately became a trend wearing her spectacular outfit very attached to the theme of this year’s gala, in addition to showing off her beauty and an impeccable figure to the fullest, just over a year after becoming the mother of The cute Daisy DoveBloom.

That day, without a doubt, Katy Perry It was the icing on the cake, because after seeing the parade down the stairs of the exclusive and prestigious annual fashion event, the beautiful Californian arrived late, but surely, confirming that the best always comes last.

Without a doubt, it is a fact that the judge of American Idol has it all, confirming that she is the queen of style, whether it is Tinker Bell or of a living work of art, as he demonstrated at the MET Gala.

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