Ashley Greene, from ‘Twilight’, pregnant for the first time

ashley greene, twilight actress is pregnant with her first child

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    If you belong to the generation to which the saga ‘Twilight it changed his life and you wanted to become a vampire on several occasions, surely you remember perfectly Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen, She was Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) best friend and she had a power that many of us would like to have on time: seeing the future. Well, almost fifteen years have passed since the first film and Ashley’s future will change completely because she is About to be a mom for the first time.

    As almost all the ‘celebrities’ do, she wanted to share the news that she is pregnant with her followers through Instagram with a precious text that husband dedicates to her, Paul Khoury, attached to some touching photos along with an ultrasound of his future baby.

    “I love you more than I have ever loved anything and somehow my heart keeps expanding to love you EVEN more. I can’t wait to see how you share your light, your love and your passion with our baby.”

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    Ashley Greene’s representative has spoken with ‘People’ and has assured that the couple is happy with the news. But in reality, the fact that this actress from ‘Twilight’ is pregnant does not surprise us since she herself spoke with the aforementioned medium very recently and commented that she really wanted to create a family: “My husband and I said: ‘I’m going to happen’. And believe me, we’re at the point where our parents were telling us, ‘Okay, we’re ready, guys.’”

    Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury were married in 2018 and had already been dating for five years, so their baby, whom many fans already call “the future little vampire or little vampire” will come into the world when his parents celebrate almost a decade of relationship.

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