Asian, who did not like Chinese rice, tried Colombian fruits and this is how he reacted

Yuting, as the young Asian content creator identified himself, became a trend this week on different social networks because he assured that he did not like the Chinese rice made in Colombia.

Through a publication on his TikTok account, the influencer published a video in an oriental food restaurant and could not hide his annoyance at the presentation of the dish. Likewise, he pointed out that the taste was quite unpleasant, since for him it was very dry and salty.

“I can already feel that it is going to be a disaster. I’m scared, it doesn’t look good at all. It is very salty and dry. I hope no one really thinks this is real Chinese food. You can’t call something Chinese rice and have it look nothing like Chinese food. Not even a little bit”, accurate.

In the recording, which quickly went viral on the different social networks, it can be seen that the young man could not finish the portion that was served to him and reiterated that he did not like the taste of Colombian Chinese rice.

It is worth mentioning that Yuting has been based in the country for several months and has visited some of the main cities such as Medellín, Bogotá, Leticia, Santa Marta and Cartagena. In addition, he has tried the different typical dishes of the national cuisine.

The young man even recently shared three videos about the experience he had in the José María Villa retail plaza during his visit to the capital of Antioquia, where he was encouraged to eat the most popular fruits of that region.

Yuting started with the passion fruit, which seemed sour to him, while he couldn’t eat the soursop and said it smelled pretty bad. The first batch ended up tasting the carob.

Although he confessed that he did not like fruits and vegetables very much, the content creator stated that he found the taste of granadilla, mango, cape gooseberry and plum quite rich; he described the latter as the best of all.

“It is a very rich mango, while the granadilla is not bad at all. They are seeds more than anything. It’s like you’re eating slime seeds, but it’s not bad.” initially stated.

Then the Asian added: “I really liked this [ciruela]It is my favorite and by far. The cape gooseberry is also very good, this store sells the best fruits in Colombia. The truth is that I hardly like fruits that have seeds”.

The Chinese influencer has also tried some of the snacks and drinks that are most consumed in Colombia on a daily basis. In addition, he pointed out that he was surprised by the taste of the Veleño sandwich.

“The sandwich is quite tasty and also tastes great with cheese. The Chocoramo is a normal chocolate cake, but it is very good. Aguapanela, which is a mixture of brown sugar, water, and lemon, also tastes good. However, the drink that I liked the most was the Colombian soda,” Yuting said in another recording posted on TikTok.