Asleep, that’s how they caught Jessi Uribe in the middle of the business day

Jessi Uribe is one of the singers who shares things about her private life the most on social networksshowing moments with his wife, also a singer Paola Jara, and sometimes he goes a bit too far showing a lot of skin, a matter that fascinates his followers, because the artist has cultivated a body that many envy and he has it very Sure.

However, all these moments are monitored by him and he produces them himself, choosing the angle in which his wife looks best, waiting for the best daylight and even selecting the parts of her body that he likes the most in order to warm up. his official Instagram profile and receive messages of praise and indecent proposals.

But this time the singer did not have control of his social networks. Someone who is accompanying him on his commitments outside the country, has been in charge of portraying him without him noticingmaking videos and photos at moments that the interpreter of “I did not want to cheat on you” does not even take notice.

In the first clip that can be seen on the singer’s official profile on Instagram, he is seen sleeping peacefully on the sofa in the place where he is staying, all in the middle of a work day, since the man from Bumangués works 24/7 and sometimes exhaustion plays into him. tricks In said video, Jessi is in her “fifth dream” wearing a white cotton T-shirt and shorts outfit, very comfortable for a good nap.

in the second clip the artist is seen grooming his beard, which he styles with a pink comb and then with a special wooden facial hair brushall captured in a “red-handed” way while the singer is in his bathroom without noticing the camera that is filming him.

Then follows another clip where the singer is having a coffee while waiting for instructions to go out to one of his commitments, looking at the horizon from a balcony that has a view of the sea, waiting for the message to arrive on his cell phone that will give him the go-ahead. to step out of your chambers and go treat your fans to all your popular hits.

One of the clips also shows Uribe on a yacht, where he does realize that he is being recorded and acts “interesting.” watching the panorama, which is adorned by the skyscrapers that are located on the shore of the beach and are illuminated by their interior lights, turning a bright yellow color at night.

Finally, in the last video, Jessi is in the dressing room of one of the places where she went to sing and she is waiting for her turn to go out on stage, surrounded by all her team. At one point, one of those who works with the bumangués turns off the lights and in the dim light the only thing that can be seen are Jessie’s headphones, which emanate red and green lights, leaving her ears visible to everyone.

The same singer notices the matter and says: “put* lights up a lot”, unleashing laughter from everyone in the room. One of them took advantage of the comic moment and began to sing a traditional carol referring to the colors of Christmas that came out of the ears of the popular music artist.

“Moments” was the title given to the publication, which already has almost 10,000 likes and with countless comments such as: “unforgettable moments, the ones you experience when you are with you!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!🔥”, “😂😂😂😂😂 what a sin don’t put him to sleep on the sofa until he’s cold 😂😂😂😂” and “I have one showing his whole chest after play football, very ‘sesy’”.