Assessment: What should we remember from the lawsuit Johnny Depp against Amber Heard?

As part of the #metoo movement, Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Heard, accuses her ex-husband, among other things, of domestic violence. Immediately, she became the spokesperson for the liberating movement of women’s speech. The problem is that Johnny formally denies! Supported by many of his relatives, including his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis, the actor defends himself tooth and nail to regain some semblance of reputation. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation, and so is Amber. The actor is seeking $50 million in damages. Amber asks for double that. Because of the celebrity of the actor, the lawsuit is universally mediated. Both face each other in the court of Fairfax, in the State of Virginia (United States) and unpack the worst of their intimacy under the stunned gaze of the whole world.

Johnny Depp’s word against Amber Heard’s!

The main thing to remember from this trial is that Johnny Depp’s version is radically different from that of his ex-wife. She and her lawyers describe him as a violent man, ” a demon “ capable of the worst. Under the influence of alcohol and narcotics of all kinds, he could attack “verbally, psychologically, physically and sexually” Amber. Something that Johnny denies 100%. He admits to being dependent, that since his adolescence, but to have never used the least violence. Neither against Amber nor against any of his spouses.

Turnaround. Against all expectations, it is Johnny Depp who accuses Amber Heard of domestic violence! As the lawsuit showcases private photos and videos once belonging to the couple, the world discovers another side to Amber. On the side of public opinion, the crowd sides with Johnny Depp. Demonized for a long time, abandoned by the public and its commercial partners, in particular Disney, it regains a semblance of reputation. However, it is not for us to judge the truth. On the other hand, we can remember that not all denunciation is taken for granted…